I'm enjoying my research for the first time in way too long...

Jessica is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and sympathetic. Meeting with her is a lot of fun, but at the same time she's a serious, focused advisor and advocate. More than anything, she's a great listener.

When I first started working with Jessica, I hadn't made any serious progress on my dissertation in almost two years. She took the time to understand the specific obstacles I'd been facing, and to work with me to clarify my own goals for the dissertation. Together, we created a work plan that was tailored to my particular strengths and needs. And then, through regular meetings in person and by email, she provided just the dose of accountability I needed to stick to that plan.

Since we started, I've written a complete chapter, planned out two more, and I'm enjoying my research for the first time in way too long. It feels awesome. Thanks Jessica!!!

--Tim S., Post Doc in Philosophy

Workshop Feedback from Parents:

  • "Thanks again for an awesome workshop - my husband and I talked to [our son] daily about it and feel like every kid going to college should take a workshop from you - the information seems so helpful! We are looking forward to him continuing his college journey with you through weekly video chats!"

Workshop Feedback from Students:

  • 100% of students indicated that they feel "better prepared for the coming semester after having participated in this workshop."

  • "I have learned lots of useful skills and how to communicate with my professors as well as different ways I can go get help. I feel like this workshop hit on anything I was worried about and now I have a much better mentality heading into my first year."

  • "I learned how to be better organized and stay on top of things, wonderful study strategies, and I gained more confidence in my own abilities to do well and ask for help. Thanks so much! You're a genius and really helped my feel better prepared for the fall!"

OnTrack Boot Camp motivated me to finish and submit a paper...

I’d been staring at that unfinished, past-deadline paper for months. Boot Camp got me writing again. I was motivated to put in the work to finish and submit that paper. Best of all, I established a daily writing habit that I’ve been sticking to for months!

--Jan P., Asst. Professor of History

Feedback from a group presentation at the Columbus chapter of CHADD

  • [Jessica was] interested in us and answered questions in a simple manner, again clear and concise.

  • [Jessica] talked about problems I have.

  • Good tips, high energy, I liked how she explained the different topics well. I liked her enthusiasm.

  • She seemed real, [like a] no nonsense person

  • [Jessica shared] research based knowledge yet also specific, practical and helpful information. She was specific with suggestions for things anyone could do.

  • She obviously is an expert in her field.

  • She was very personable; information was concise; I liked how she engaged the audience; gave specific strategies; I liked her educating us about the coaching field with smart questions to ask


I have worked with clients from Brandeis University, Brigham Young University, Capella University, Columbia University, Columbus State CC, Cornell University, Duke University, Emory University, Kenyon College, University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan, MIT, Oberlin College, Ohio State University (OSU), Ohio University (OU), Otterbein University, Penn State, Reed College, San Francisco University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Cincinnati, and many more...

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