Coaching for High School Students

You are not lazy.  You are not stupid.  I'll help you learn the tools to step up into being the student you want to become.

High School Students, now is the perfect time to learn the study strategies that will allow you to reach your goals, on your own terms, on your own two feet.  Through coaching, you'll discover how your brain works best, learn strategies to maximize your strengths and deal with your weaknesses, and gain tools to make your study time as efficient as possible so you can get your work done and move on to whatever else you'd rather be doing!

Through one-on-one coaching, we'll get you on track to success for the rest of your high school career, for college, or for whatever else comes next.  It's never too late to change course.

Headed to College in the fall?  Spend 5 mornings with me this summer to strengthen your college skill set and put yourself on a path to your best semester yet!