Study Hall for Grown Ups

a no cost program

Join us on Monday mornings throughout the semester.

Fall 2023: 9:30am Eastern

Bring your own work, your own goals, and join us on zoom for a proctored opportunity to get stuff done!


During Study Hall, everyone will keep their microphones off - videos are optional. My video will stay on for an air of accountability. There won't be an introduction or ice breaker (hooray!).  You'll just join the zoom call, add your goals for the session in chat, and get to work!  Whenever you need to leave, pop into chat and report on how you did and what your very next step is. You might also choose to share a goal you hope to accomplish before the next Monday.

You can use the time for anything you want including planning your week, writing/research, data analysis, outlining, reading, etc. Anything that starts your week out right or that you might not be able to start or maintain on your own is a perfect activity for Study Hall. Forty-five minutes isn't a lot of time, so keep your task manageable so you can succeed!

Winter 2024:


Mondays 9:30-10:15am (eastern)