Coaching for your students and strategy sessions for parents

Reimagine your relationship with your child. A peaceful home can replace nightly homework battles and stressful mornings.

Allow us to help support your child has they learn to stand on their own two feet.

Coaching for students

Parents, are you tearing your hair out because your teenager or college student is struggling in school? Many teens and young adults don’t have the skills or motivation to organize their work or set goals for success. Most with AD/HD, executive functioning challenges, or learning disabilities haven’t been taught effective coping strategies. And, even the most motivated parents may not be in the best position to guide struggling teens toward success. OnTrack Academic Coaching will step in to help your teen thrive.

Sometimes helping your student thrive is better accomplished by working directly with a parent. Together we can streamline your household's morning routine, take the stress out of homework time, set and maintain ground rules about technology, prepare your student for the transition to high school, college, or whatever comes next, and find a self-care regimen that makes positive parenting sustainable. Coaching for parents often consists of 1-3 strategy sessions or ongoing coaching.

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